Galli Genius GR65 sats hard tension

Galli Genius GR65  sats hard tension

Bättre nylonsträng från Italienska Galli.

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115 kr inkl. moms

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A single crystal nylon wire for the high notes, and covered in silver copper with antioxidizing protection on the multiwire nylon for the low notes. The perfect string for concerts. CAT.N. NOTE DESCRIPTION Inch. mm. 
GR6001 E-1st New formula Clear Nylon 030 0,75 
GR6002 B-2nd New formula Clear Nylon 034 0,85 
GR6003 G-3rd New Formula Clear Nylon 042 1,05 
GR6004 D-4th Silverplated Copper on Nylon 030 0,75 
GR6005 A-5th Silverplated Copper on Nylon 037 0,93 
GR6006 E-6th Silverplated Copper on Nylon 045 1,12

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